January Tea ’24

​From Jean K:

Our lives / shirts on the ironing board / tears of grief and gratitude / with water and whisk we blend them all / and sip

From Kate S:

Hurrying to a place where I yearn to slow down, to listen to the sounds of making tea and the jumbled thoughts in my mind.  By the last sip of tea my thoughts have fallen away to only what I really need, suddenly there is Light. How grateful I am to have hurried here to slow down.

From Sakina:

a welcome absence of sound / in my mind / watching the snow fall

From Anne W:

Grains of grief / Fill my tea bowl / New old friends from far away

From Tracy C:

Mom’s rough earth-worn hands
Warm his tiny fingers from wind.
Life new and aging.

From Unknown:

Peace, Harmony, Beauty all live within us at all times.
Drop into that and drink a bowl of Tea.
A beautiful green reminder..

From Siddiq:

They are the same tears / shed for grief and gratitude. / In the soul, they’re One.

From Gerow R:

Welcome what comes / Foolishness, wisdom / Spaciousness, chatter / Dissonance, harmony / Zoom, phone call, knock on the door / Bad news, worse news/  Grieving, pondering / Giggling, celebration / Welcoming what is coming.

From Chad O:

Coming back to tea / tasting old tea the new year / becomes fresh once again

From Jean K:

chasen head / a cosmic swirl of green and steam / dissonance falls away in the bowl.

From Kay H:

Bowing, guest and host. Planting seeds of harmony. Whisking peace, a green prayer offered.


May Tea ’23

From Gerow Purification... Meeting life as it is.... Acceptance orrecognition of the present moment... Respect.... Sense of freedom from "shoulds"   From Karen (who remembered this from another Lama Tea poet) Rains arrived... fire turns tosteam... renewal   From Deb...

April Tea ’23

    From Kathy While turning the compost pile at the retreat yesterday, I remembered this poemBy Sasaki Sanmi “Taking a break, resting my chin on the hoe, I sense the hoe’s strongattachment to this field” From Sakina holding each other gently / we share the...

March Tea ’23

From Ravi Austin through the universeeach space, each planet, each timeMatcha & me From Siddiq Hans von Briesen WE are found objectsWashed ashore in the sea of lifeGrateful to be alive. From Deborah MN Awe, the change of seasons, tea, remarkable and humbling32...

February Tea ’23

What courage, each year, has the treeto once again birth her leaves,her pink cherry blossoms or delicate dogwood petals,knowing in days, weeks or months,they will wither and fall to the ground.So, too, the crocus or tulip,who struggles through the frozen...


Poems written by participants of Lama Tea, June 2, 2022 Prepare to face the moment, just how it happens. — Karen Higgins our attentive preparations join hands with the ringing clash of the unexpected past meets future two hands blessed and blessing — Lesley Maclean...

September Tea

Hopping bunny stops To sniff a morning glory Vining through lettuce — Tracy Cates Return to tea, Return to friends. Love and blessings everyone! — Kate Shane glowing jars of autumn bounty bunny madonnas crickets at my window it's autumn! — Kathy Lyons Hippity HOPPING,...


Lama Tea, July 7, 2022 When we look up at the stars, what do we feel? Do we feel the awesome vastness of space? Do we stop breathing or thinking? Do we feel ever so teeny? Do we feel an inexplicable connection? Is there fear? joy? quiet? heart thumping brain...

A Letter from the Coordinator

Beloved Lama Community, So much has changed for us all in these last few months. Not long ago, residents were deep in retreat for our winter intensives, wondering if the Community Center kitchen project would ever be totally completed, and eagerly awaiting a summer...


Lama has a podcast page on SoundCloud! https://soundcloud.com/user-615961713 Listen on SoundCloud Remembering our recently departed Elaine Sutton, as she reads her works just days before passing on into the great unknown. Elaine Karen Sutton, B. 9/16/1949, D....

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