A Guide to Working with our Sliding Scale

Most of Lama’s fees are offered on a sliding scale. We recognize that this can sometimes be confusing. So in an effort to make things a bit more clear, we’ve adapted this scale from Alexis J. Cunningfolk, although in reality, it is more of a self-reflective tool. The intention is to help you discern where you land within our sliding scale. And of course, this is just a suggestion. Ultimately we trust your discernment in deciding how much to contribute within the scale.



Steward Tuition

(per month)

Hermitage Fees

(per night)

Visitor Fees

(per day)

Private Housing

(per night)

Dorm Housing

(per night)

Low $300 $60 $25 $50 $15
Low – Mid $350-$400 $65-80 $30-35 $55-65 $20-25
Mid – High $400-450 $85-100 $40-45 $70-80 $30-35
High $500 $120 $50 $85 $40

Low: Suggested if you identify as BIPOC or POC regardless of income or inheritance.

Low – Middle: Suggested if you are making minimum wage, on unemployment, do not have inherited wealth, experience financial stress.

Middle – High: Suggested if you have a higher income or inheritance but still may experience financial stress.

High: Suggested if you are financially comfortable and can pay without financial risk or compromise to your needs.

You may also wish to refer to the following graphic for a bit more detail: