Driving Directions

Please be cautious when using certain navigation apps. Waze in particular has taken people on back roads which should not be taken by anything but ATVs. Make sure the directions provided align with those offered below.

Go north of Taos on NM Highway 522 or south from Colorado. Look for the small green “Lama” township sign, which is just before our turnoff, immediately north of the 15-mile marker coming from Taos, or about 4 miles south of Questa. Turn east (toward the mountains) on Taos County Road B-014 or La Lama Road, drive over the cattle guard and follow the road east for about a mile. The road will curve to the left; continue for 1/2 mile and turn right on Upper Lama Rd. Then turn right at the next fork onto Lama Foundation Rd. Continue straight for about 2 miles, then follow the road as it turns left; you’ll encounter some sharp S-curves, go through them for about a mile and a half then follow the sharp left uphill until you reach the Lama Foundation.

Flying In

The nearest major airport is in Albuquerque, which is about 3 hours south of Lama. The Santa Fe airport now offers flights to and from many cities as well and is 2 hours south of Lama.

Public Transport: You can take a bus from the Albuquerque airport to the main transit center. From there, take the Rail Runner https://www.riometro.org/ from Albuquerque to Santa Fe S Capital rail station and from there then take the Taos Express http://taosexpress.com or the Blue Bus http://www.ncrtd.org  to Taos. On weekdays, the Blue Bus can take you from Taos to the bus stop at the bottom of our mountain. If you can get to the bottom of our mountain, someone from Lama can drive down and pick you up.

Ski Valley Airport Shuttle:  Another option is the Taos Ski Valley Shuttle which can take you from the Abq. or Santa Fe airports to Taos (http://www.skitaos.com/discover-taos/airport-shuttle/). At present they operate 2 shuttles per day. 1-800-776-1111   For retreat arrivals via this shuttle, Lama will try to arrange a pick up in Taos. You will need to arrange a ride with Lama from Taos to Lama in advance.

From the Albuquerque Airport, RoadRunner Shuttle & Charter (505-424-3367) also offers service to Lama or the Taos area. They are expensive but they do offer group discounts.

Ride Share: You may also wish to check out the Ride Share to Lama Facebook group or a couple online rideshare forums for this area. One of the more popular is the Taos Ride Share page on facebook. Ask to join, then post a request or read of others’ destinations. You can also check the craigslist rideshare board for Santa Fe.

Arriving by Train

The closest Amtrak station is Lamy, NM, about 18 miles from Santa Fe. From the train station, there is a shuttle service to Santa Fe operated by Lamy Shuttle and Tours (505-982-8829). Please make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance to ensure service. From there, follow directions for public transportation or Ski Valley Airport Shuttle from Santa Fe, as above.

Taos.org has some helpful tips for getting to Taos, NM.

There are additional options if you are coming from Denver