If you are part of the greater Lama community and need extra support at this time due to the death of a loved one, personal illness/ injury, or any other extraordinary challenge that you are currently facing, please reach out to the Lama Caring Circle at caring-circle@lamafoundation.org. We would like to know how we can support your journey through this challenging time. We can offer prayers, phone support, or local in-person resource sharing when available. Many of us have already experienced wonderful caring/healing from the Lama community and are really very grateful for it, in whatever form it has been given!

What is new is that we will be offering a place where those in need can make their request known as well as an ongoing list of those of us wanting to offer assistance. At this time, we are welcoming new members to the Caring Circle support group. If you would like to be available to offer your support, please contact us at the above email address.  Anyone who joins this circle can choose to offer support only when and if they are able to, at the time we learn of someone’s need!

We will endeavor to help whomever we can.  However, we need enough members volunteering and willing to participate in this caring circle so that we can respond to requests for support when needed! We welcome all from the greater Lama community to join and participate in this Caring Circle, so that we may support each other as needed.

In Loving Service,

The Lama Caring Circle

two women hugging
lama foundaion dome and community center