Lama Tea, July 7, 2022

When we look up at the stars, what do we feel? Do we feel the awesome vastness of space? Do we stop breathing or thinking? Do we feel ever so teeny? Do we feel an inexplicable connection? Is there fear? joy? quiet? heart thumping brain exploding? all the above ever-changing plus more?

In most cultures around the world, there is some kind of Star Festival during this time of year. The first known account of the Qixi festival was 2600 years ago in China. In some countries (China, Korea, and other Asian countries) it is celebrated during the first week of August. In New Zealand, Matariki is celebrated when the Pleiades star cluster rises again in the night sky, usually around the end of June and the beginning of July. Matariki is the Maori name for the Pleiades and the name of this celebration which also heralds the new year.

In most regions of Japan, we celebrate the Star Festival (Tanabata 七夕) on July 7th. Tanabata centers on a story about Love, Separation, Alignment, and Reunion.

It’s a stellar (pun intended!) time to look at the parts in ourselves that we may have forgotten or pushed aside. It’s a time to examine and celebrate all aspects of ourselves, seeking re-alignment, connection, and Love. And we have the vast tapestry of stars and planets to guide us along this path of Re-union!

Rather than focus on poetry writing during our July tea, we followed along with the custom of writing our wishes on pieces of paper (tanzaku), which we then hung outside in the wind. A few poems did come out of our event, however. Here they are…

Reunion with self
Defied the thundering storm
With gentle embrace

— Tracy Cates

Swallowing the bitter and tasting the sweet of tea
we echo the rhythms of separation and reunion in life itself.

— Gerow Reece

sitting with Asha and beauty
in Lama dining room
tea service used so many years
by all us bean beings

— Gracy and Richard

calm relaxation
compassion is the river
reunion delight

— Sheila Fling

river of Love
flowing from my heart
throughout the sky!

— Austin Ravi

Folding my attention in Space to connect with Dear Ones near and far.
Folding my attention in Time deeply grateful for Ancestors of us ALL!

— Kyoko Hummel

We are here in the magnificence of starlight.
Beaming forth our creativity.

— Chad Oba

New Zealand Matariki Day!
Weaves the yin and yang; the near and (allegedly) far.

— Kyoko Hummel

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