May Tea ’23

From Gerow

Purification… Meeting life as it is…. Acceptance or
recognition of the present moment… Respect…. Sense of freedom from “shoulds”

From Karen (who remembered this from another Lama Tea poet)

Rains arrived… fire turns to
steam… renewal

From Deb

The presence created by a focus on beauty.

From Jean Kenin

I am refuge for the matcha now finding its way to all parts of me

From Sheila Fling

Spiritual warrior embracing Live as it is wanting it different

From Deborah MN

Weather finally starting to warm up here. Out for my first morning bike
ride of the year. Such freedom, a blessed day, tea? Thanks to all!

From Gerow Reece

Zooming straight into the Harbor of Tea/ Resting deeply in gratitude

From Lesley Maclean

Five refuges: friendly imperfections…tea utensils serving me a bowl as
i walk past…the happy taskter…breaking and mending and breaking open…the fifth
unnameable refuge

From Sakina

In a tea space…I feel the safety…of accepting what is…surrender is grace

From Kim C

5 mountains / 5 tastes / 5 seasons / 5 blessings/ may these 5 fingers open the
door to this Refuge /

From Kay Hankinson

A half-mat refuge. Sending quiet energy. Be still. Listen. Peace.

From Siddiq

Heart’s rest to be found / in many familiar things / would I awaken.

From Kathy

By Kikaku – “My hands, poised to cut iris, seem to tremble”

From John Adams

The tea space, tea utensils and tea itself is my refuge – it warms my heart
and reminds me how good my life is.

From William Singleton

Reality (the world as it is)/ is altered when we gather for Tea/ and
we take Refuge in this fleeting moment

From Karen

Between heaven and earth…. A cherry blossom branch….Curtain of petals
Create a mosaic carpet…. At last, spring arrived

From Randy

In the bottom of a tea bowl…. No matter how chipped or cracked….
A green heart beating…. In our hands.

February Tea ’24

“Luck is the Guest that turned up.” Lesley   From Willi S: I am borrowing the words of Gary Snyder, which I think are uniquely applicable today.  We can all individually decide what he means by WILD.  "People often think of art as the most highly cultured, the most...

January Tea ’24

​From Jean K: Our lives / shirts on the ironing board / tears of grief and gratitude / with water and whisk we blend them all / and sip From Kate S: Hurrying to a place where I yearn to slow down, to listen to the sounds of making tea and the jumbled thoughts in my...

December Tea ’23

From Kathy:Running Teachers!! Shiwasu! From Jean:running teachers know the value of mistakes From Lesley:making tea to a single point … a knock at the door … a tap at the window … points in flowing motion From Jean:Phone call, I’m at the door, interruptions happen,...

November Tea ’23

  From VictoriaThe comments on sprouting and awareness of the abundance of kindnesses reminds of the Thanksgiving poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, which starts:We walk on starry fields of whiteAnd do not see the daisies;For blessings common in our sightWe rarely...

October Tea ’23

  From Kathy:   10 Virtues of Tea by Rikyu:  Blessed by gods / shakes off sleepiness / discharges filial duties / wards off disease/ makes one love and respect people / frees one from earthly desires / keeps one healthy / has contact withnobility / prolongs life...

September Tea ’23

  From Gerow Drinking tea/The shifting of the season’s light/ Illumines this double autumn. From Siddiq Approaching the gate / What can I look forward to? /  Never mind those thoughts!   From Deborah Summer to Autumn in 24 hours here; joining friends for...

August Tea ’23

  From Deborah MN First time at the library. Quite noisy and distracting. Fun though to join you even late.   From Karima Thank you soooo much for this beautiful tea time together! Must go.   From Kate I begin in uncertainty, slowly, my hands remember   From Jean...

REMEMBERING – The Old Lama Kitchen

Lama children on the steps of the Old Kitchen (1981).  Arielle, Asha (Bernard) and Jamil inside the kitchen (1981). Photos offered by Asha and Uwais Old Lama Kitchen - A few memories By Irit Umani, June 2023 When I think of Lama’s Old Kitchen, my mind almost...

June Tea ’23

  From Chad Being in NO tea/my body needing to rest/I become a guest. ( thank you) From Jean the glob, it sinks, it floats, it pulls us in, but like healing everywhere, just add a bit of hotwater, whisk and drink, and all of your cares will be gone. From Lesley...

April Tea ’23

    From Kathy While turning the compost pile at the retreat yesterday, I remembered this poemBy Sasaki Sanmi “Taking a break, resting my chin on the hoe, I sense the hoe’s strongattachment to this field” From Sakina holding each other gently / we share the...