August Tea ’23


From Deborah MN

First time at the library. Quite noisy and distracting. Fun though to join you even late.

From Karima

Thank you soooo much for this beautiful tea time together! Must go.

From Kate

I begin in uncertainty, slowly, my hands remember

From Jean K

Offering, receiving, the bowl kept just enough to remind me it was receiving too, and so I saw the remnants as my offering in return, and I knew it was all one thing.

From Deb N

Tea: humans respectfully sharing in presence

From Kim C

whispering whisks/ brush the tendrils of my heart/ rainy day tea space/ shared warmth of human companions

From William S

Contemplating karamono utsuwa on the Sackler/Freer website / The thousand year old Sung/Yuan pieces seem like clay palimpsests, preserving for an extended moment the wonders of pre-industrial technologies / Fire, clay, human hands, coming together to offer inspiration for us potters forty generations down the time-line…

From Siddiq

What does my heart want? / Cookies in an afterlife? / No. It’s here and now. / Be here now is hard. / Do I really want that now? / There is no payoff.

From Kim C

to give without concern is the greatest gift

A Letter from the Coordinator

Beloved Lama Community, So much has changed for us all in these last few months. Not long ago, residents were deep in retreat for our winter intensives, wondering if the Community Center kitchen project would ever be totally completed, and eagerly awaiting a summer...


Lama has a podcast page on SoundCloud! Listen on SoundCloud Remembering our recently departed Elaine Sutton, as she reads her works just days before passing on into the great unknown. Elaine Karen Sutton, B. 9/16/1949, D....

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What’s New Behind The Scenes…

HELLO! FROM THE FUNDRAISER Last August my husband, Joe, our two kids, Miles and Keira, and I arrived in Santa Fe to a house we had rented sight-unseen (thanks to the help of our dear friend, Greg). Nestled between St. Francis Dr. and the DeVargas Mall, the house, now...

The “Old Kitchen,” And The Beginning of A New Era

The “Old Kitchen” was a place of nourishment for so many over the decades. Not only was it the wellspring of countless meals, but it was a central gathering place, a direct channel to the dome, and a harbor for those seeking connection. Due to structural instability,...

A Generous Gift: The Mountains Hint at Our Beauty

Four-and-a-half years ago a group of talented artists, musicians, and poets, all lovers of Lama, began an audio project, focused around the poetry of Rumi and Hafiz, translated by Daniel Ladinsky, as a generous donation to the Foundation. This week, we are very proud...

Dargah – Home Stretch

While the Lama oaks burst into fresh green, the final stretch of the Dargah construction has begun.  We substantially completed the construction in 2017, thanks to the hard work of many work-crews.   Project Manager Malik Braun is back on-site. The remaining work...


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