Poems written by participants of Lama Tea, June 2, 2022

Prepare to face the moment, just how it happens.

— Karen Higgins

our attentive preparations join hands with the
ringing clash of the unexpected
past meets future
two hands
and blessing

— Lesley Maclean

when did the new leaves
start preparing to become themselves?
we see glorious refreshing green
food for our souls
they are hovering between birth and death
maybe coming with the next wind

— Sakina von Briesen

Pre-plan, pre-pare, pre-sent the PRESENT Moment.
Even to “miss” Tea, zooming to see friends warms my heart.

— Kyoko Hummel

Thunder and lightning. Strong winds. Am I prepared for this?
A mad dash to close all the windows in the house
before the downpour. I remember to fill a kettle of water
before the lights go out.

— Kim C

Preparing for compassion,
I fold the cloth, wipe the scoop, pour the hot water over mounds of green tea.
I prepared for these things too,
when I learned to walk, found my voice, made my first friend.

Preparing for compassion,
First my heart had to break.
Now it’s reflected in this deep green bowl of tea
That I’m serving you.

—Tracy Cates

Fill the tea caddy,
ordinary thing to do,
it’s time to wake up.

— Siddiq von Briesen

beginning, middle, end
recipe of wholeness
soil, seed, divine harvest
fragrance lingers
sweet remembrance
I assemble the ingredients, I do the work but divine intervention does the rest.

— Karima

After the storm
sunshine and birdsong
A fresh breeze
through the open window.

— Kim C

It’s a miracle!
Dementia limps along behind.
It’s all grace.

— Sheila Fling

Relying on the rhythmic patterns of preparations of the sun.
relying on the sun rising, ready every day
how boring
it’s fun and exciting when sun’s not prepared for rain

— Kevin Padilla

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