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A word about the cost: The tuition for stewardships is $300 - $500 per month based on your ability to pay. This includes all your meals. The sliding scale is there to help people with little financial resources be able to have the opportunity to come. We ask that if you are able, to pay near the top of the scale. A $60 deposit will be required upon acceptance of your application. The deposit will count towards your first month's tuition.

A word about Seva: Our primary focus in the summer is to serve retreats and those who are attending them. This Seva ( selfless service ) includes preparing and cooking vegetarian meals, washing dishes, cleaning, preparing spaces and tending to the retreatants' other needs. Of course there are always other projects and opportunities on the land depending on steward numbers and your skills and interests. Please refer to Summer Steward Information Pages for additional info.

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The Summer Stewardship Program provides an opportunity to spend an extended time at Lama during the summer months as a member of Lama Foundation’s core summer community.

Since the late 60’s, people have come every summer to participate in Lama community life: volunteering energy, playing, experiencing and caring for the Mountain, growing, and tasting the magic and personal growth of life in spiritual community. Summer Stewards include all ages and backgrounds, families and individuals. What draws us together, year after year, is a heart-to-heart connection that deepens as we create and re-create community together. Many leave the Mountain with unforgettable experiences, new friends, and greater self-awareness. Some stay and become residents. Summer Stewards leave their energetic imprint and their love at Lama – at the Spring House and the Maqbara, in the Prayer Room and Dome, in Flag Mountain Studio, at building sites and in the gardens. We eagerly await this year’s Summer Stewards.

Stewards stay in one of our beautiful campgrounds. Although we hold the intention of providing accessibility, Lama is both rugged and remote and is unfortunately not accessible to individuals with some types of physical or other limitations. Please discuss this with a Summer Steward Guardian if you have a concern.


The minimum enrollment is two weeks, but stewards may stay for any period of time, from 2 weeks up to the entire summer.

Thank you for your interest: Many have experienced Lama as a place of profound transformation; a unique opportunity to explore other ways of being and to experience everything and everyone as “Teacher.” Many have left the Mountain with unforgettable experiences, new friends, and greater self-awareness. Their energetic imprints, their love remains here at Lama – at the Spring House and the Maqbara, in the Prayer Room and Dome, in Flag Mountain Studio, at building sites and in the gardens. We are happy to provide this opportunity for you to begin exploring the gifts that Lama stewardship and possibly residency can offer: for a week, a month or longer.

New Offering! Cottage Industries Summer Internship

Lama Foundation is seeking 1-2 Interns for all or part of the summer, June-August 2019, to assist in Lama’s Cottage Industries. Interns will print at Lama’s ecological screen printing studio, help with the creation of new and current products, and have the opportunity to learn about small business management and marketing. All while living close to the land and being fully integrated into Lama’s Summer Steward program.

Lama’s Cottage Industries has been producing prayer flags since the early 70’s, one of the first to expand the Tibetan tradition of prayer flags to include all spiritual traditions. Lama now produces over 50 prayer flags, plus t-shirts, prayer beads, greeting cards and more. Cottage Industries supports the mission of Lama Foundation and sends out products into the world that support peace and awakening.

Cottage Industries Summer Interns are Summer Stewards whose seva (service) is to primarily help with Cottage Industries. Expectations are as follows:
30 hours a week seva include:
20 hours in Cottage Industries
10 hours of community seva
2 days off a week.
Attend morning meditation
Attend community morning practice and tuning (morning meeting)
Attend heart club and other community events
$300-$500 (sliding scale) per month for tent camping and all daily vegetarian meals.

Open to a wide variety of candidates, Interns must have a willingness to learn new things, have an attention to detail, able to work independently with good time management skills, able to work closely with the small group of staff at Cottage Industries, and a willingness to be part of Lama’s summer community.  Candidates with screen printing, graphic design, website design and social media skills are not required though a plus.

Applications received by March 31 will be reviewed first. Later applications will be reviewed until the positions are filled. Send below materials and any queries to Do not use the Summer Steward online application.

Resume, 2 Professional References (names, position or relationship to yourself, phone and email), Statement of Interest (1 page max.) that includes any experience with printmaking, graphic design, websites, social media or other relevant experience, why being a Cottage Industries Intern and a Summer Steward at Lama Foundation interests you, and when you are available.
Optional: 8-10 images of your creative work or links online.