Lama Foundation has been serving and hosting retreats nearly from its beginning in 1968–well before the notion of a retreat center became commonplace in the U.S.  We are dedicated to offering a rich and diverse array of retreats during our summer season, from May through September, that is representative of our commitment to inter-spirituality and the awakening of consciousness.

Retreats at Lama are unique in that our rustic community environment offers something many other retreat centers do not; a closeness and intimacy with the earth and an opportunity to authentically connect with the many wonderful people who find their way to this mountain.

We provide three vegetarian meals a day with accommodations made for vegan, gluten-free, and severe allergies. A resident retreat liaison will also be provided to help coordinate any details on the ground. Retreats are given priority access to Lama’s facilities and spaces, in and out of doors: campgrounds, wash house, showers, meeting spaces, and numerous points of interest around the land, and private indoor housing is provided for teachers at no charge.

If you feel that your retreat or event would be a good fit for the Lama Foundation, we invite you to fill out the form below and our summer programs coordinator will get in touch with you to discuss the possibility in greater depth. Be aware that we book out our summer schedule (May-September) a year in advance.


lama foundation A group of summer stewards
group of summer stewards at Lama FOundation