Yoga Meditation Retreat

With Kobusshin Mcleod and Lou McCall

June 1-4

Kobusshin calls her style of Buddhism, Zen Light, which is distinct from the rigid discipline for which Zen is often known. Although this is a silent retreat, it will not have the strict inflexibility that can take the fun out of Noble Silence. The ancients discovered the practice of hatha yoga to assist them in their meditation practice. To this purpose, Lou McCall will lead yoga to complement the Zen practices of sitting and walking. Together, the teachers have almost 100 years of combined experience in Buddhism, meditation, and yoga! This is an eclectic silent retreat that includes Lama’s evening offerings of Zikr and Shabbat.

Kobusshin Mcleod is an ordained Zen Buddhist roshi in the Soto tradition. Additionally, she is an ashram-certified yoga teacher with more than 30 years of teaching experience. Kobusshin is the guiding teacher and roshi at Santosha Sangha in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Lou McCall teaches a mix of therapeutic practices she calls SLO-YO, rooted in the classical Svastha yoga tradition of Krishnamacharya with an emphasis on pranayama. She integrates other healing modalities, such as QiGong, into her gentle approach. Lou lives in Questa, NM, just down the road from the Lama Foundation.

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