Ways You Can Help

Since 1967, Lama Foundation has operated from the heart. Today we continue to feed people, house residents in search of deep spiritual practice, offer free public events and private retreats, and to serve as a meeting ground for all spiritual traditions in connection to the One.

It currently costs about $200,000 a year to operate the Lama Foundation. Half of that money comes from summer retreats, and another quarter from Flag Mountain Cottage Industries, hermitage fees, and Be Here Now royalties. But a full quarter of Lama’s yearly budget, about $50,000 is still dependent on donations from people like you who love and care about Lama.

Thanks to the generosity of many beloved friends the mission of Lama Foundation lives on, and Lama remains a precious place of replenishment in a modern world which is increasingly more structured and compartmentalized. Walking in silence and listening to the slow breath of the mountain, one is filled with a deep sense of peace, of heart-to-heart community, of love and well-being.

It is Lama’s mission to share this sense of tranquility with every seeker who sets foot upon this mountain – regardless of their income or background. Please help us maintain this mission. Without your donations, this would not be possible. Thank you with all of our hearts for your generosity and support of Lama Foundation!

two girls in a hammock