Swim in the River of Blessings

With Mariam Baker & Friends

August 17-20
$325-425 Sliding Scale

This is an intensive opportunity to let the “beauty we love be what we dare!” And to make it real with experiential practice as we join in our journey beyond the binary, relaxing into mystery, and manifesting beauty.

We’ll explore both shadow and light as we turn with the planets and the larger cosmos. We’ll turn as the earth and moon turn, circling what we love.

There will be time for communion, conversation, music, movement, turning, dances, walks, dream-telling, storytelling, Sufi SoulWork, and plenty of play. Additionally, we’ll explore the connection between Sufism and quantum physics.

Join us in the co-creative process, culminating in our Sunday closure with the Rainbow Sema.

Costumes, masks, and all playful fools of the One are invited!

This retreat is open to all.

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Mariam Baker is a senior teacher of Sufi Ruhaniat International, a leader in the Dances of Universal Peace since 1974, and a senior teacher of the Mevlevi Order of America; practitioners of the “Turn.” Mother of five, including two sets of twins, she is a spiritual midwife and energy weaver dedicated to embodied spirituality, especially through the modality of SoulWork. She leads retreats and workshops around the world.

A passionate gardener, a scholar and published author, most recently of Sacred Voices; Stories from the Caravan of Women, Mariam also serves as Executive Director of the SoulWork Foundation.