Hermitage Fees

The fee for a hermitage, including food, is $45-85 per night, based on your ability to pay. The sliding scale is there to help people with few financial resources be able to have the opportunity to experience hermitage time. We ask that if you are able, to pay near the top of the scale.

We ask that a non-refundable deposit of half the total fee be paid in advance to reserve the space. Payments are accepted by credit card and check.

Checks should be made out to Lama Foundation, and mailed to Lama Foundation, Attn. Hermit Guardian, PO Box 240, San Cristobal, NM 87564.

To pay online please fill out the form below. Following payment, please e-mail the Hermit Guardian updating them that you completed payment, and how much you paid.

To pay over the phone, please call and ask for the Hermit Guardian, or contact the Hermit Guardian through the Contact page. Remember to include a phone number and a good time for us to call to take credit card information.


Please use this form to pay for any Hermitage related costs.

Sometimes it take awhile for the form to load; please be patient.