Community Camp

With Lama Residents & Guest Facilitators​

May 20-25

*Sliding Scale

Do you want more community in your life? During this retreat we hope to give you a taste of what it’s like to live in a community, to see the value in communal living, and to learn some of the ways we try to share space in a good way, physically and energetically. During this retreat we plan to offer an integration into our community life in a few ways:

  • Daily group participation in different spiritual practices, facilitated by members of our resident body and members of the outer Lama community. Our hope with this is to share some variety of techniques one could use to help connect to spirit, and to a higher power and purpose.
  • Workshops on consensus agreement building, conflict transformation, and mindfulness.
  • Integration with the physical plane via hike, forest bathing, and animal watching, as well as getting our hands dirty in work while incorporating techniques learned from the practices and workshops listed above.

The Lama Foundation, sometimes referred to as “The School of Lama,” is located on Lama Mountain, adjacent to the Carson National Forest, near the town of Taos, New Mexico. All summer people come and go, and many people call it their spiritual home. This foundation is many things, but we hope you can come see it for yourself.


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