Centering Prayer: Forming Future Keepers of the Tradition

A Retreat for Young Professionals (50 & Under)

With Contemplative Outreach of Colorado Facilitators​

June 2-9

*Generous financial support available

For Young Professionals (50 and under)

Join Contemplative Outreach of Colorado (COC) at the Lama Foundation in northern New Mexico. This retreat includes an in-depth explanation of the practice of Centering Prayer, key teachings of Thomas Keating’s spiritual journey series and three hours of meditation per day.

Opportunities for sharing in small groups, private interviews with staff, solitude, hiking, and exploring the beauty of the wild surroundings are available.

Attending Lama’s interfaith activities will be optional.

All beliefs are welcome.



For questions and registration, contact:

Or visit: Centering Prayer Retreat


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