Our Comittments

While the community at Lama is always evolving, several key commitments form the container that allows for the rich development of the community and each individual on the mountain.

Since Lama’s beginnings, daily meditation, a no-drugs/no alcohol policy, consensus decision-making, and a spirit of inquiry into one’s own spiritual practice have been the formative tools for individual and community development. In response to these commitments, an intention has blossomed in the heart of community members to treat everyone and everything with love and respect as a unique being. But this is no light task, and the members of Lama strive toward this goal with humility in their hearts.

Support for this work comes from each other, and through the regular practices of Lama, including daily meditation, morning gatherings called “tuning”, the spirit of seva (selfless service), prayers before meals, weekly business meetings, heart club, Dances of Universal Peace, zikr, and Shabbat.

These core practices physically bring the entire community together several times a day, and though Lama honors the unique role and perspective of each individual, when the community joins hands and hearts to the land and Spirit, there is a resonant presence.

humans holding hands in a circle
2012 resident circle

Before visiting, please call us in advance. Due to a wide variety of circumstances, Lama Foundation is sometimes closed to visitors – especially from October through April.