Families at Lama

Lama is delighted to have children and families on the land, both short-term and long-term. Many little ones were born on the land, and their return is always a gift. Incidentally, children born at Lama are the sole individuals whose tuition is waived.

Lama has many children’s toys, books, a playground and plenty of helpful individuals. Older children can often find a playmate, and their incorporation into the structure of Lama usually occurs easily as there is always something to do. However, children used to plenty of time with electronics can find Lama challenging.

No structured childcare system exists, but it is common to find a free hand who delights in time with children and can give weary parents a brief respite. If you are coming to Lama as a retreatant and wish to bring your child, please call beforehand to discuss individual needs.