If you are interested in spending time at Lama, there are several different ways to do so. We can welcome you for an hour, a day, a week, or a year or more. We have a wide variety of programs to offer. Here is a brief overview. Please click on the links for more details.

Visitor. Come up to check out Lama. Take a walk, share a meal or even stay a night or two. During the summer months (mid-May to mid-September), Lama is a beautiful place to camp. There are times when our schedule does not allow visitors, so please phone 575-586-1269 to arrange a visit. Click here for details.

Retreatant. Lama offers a variety of retreats and workshops with inspiring teachers throughout the summer months, mid-May to September. Click here to see our summer events.

Hermit. Lama maintains two private hermitages offering rustic seclusion. We provide food and guidance when needed, and support hermits for personal retreats extending from 2 to 40 days. Click here to go to the Hermitage section of the website.

Summer Steward / Volunteer. The Summer Stewardship Program is a chance to become a full-time community member for the summer months. Its focus is creating and caring for community and experiencing service as a spiritual practice. For those who may be considering longer-term residence or those who simply want a taste of life at Lama, this program offers an opportunity for full immersion. Click here for details.

Family. Families are welcome and encouraged at Lama. We seek to integrate children of all ages, as appropriate, into the summer. There is a playground for young children, and the great outdoors. Commonly, we are able to include children of older ages into work projects. Most events are open to children. However, Lama does not have the resources to provide childcare. For parents wishing to attend retreats, participate in summer stewardship, or considering residency there may be times when it is appropriate or necessary to find another responsible adult to help. We ask that parents take the responsibility to find childcare, through a friend, partner, community member, or other means. For more information, please contact General Info in the Contact Center.

Full-time resident. For those interested in spending a winter at Lama and living on the land year-round, residency at Lama Foundation is a life-changing experience. Residents commit to one year of service at Fall Meetings. New residents begin as Summer Stewards. Please plan to arrive at Lama Foundation no later than August 1st. Click here for more information.