Lama Foundation Cottage Industries


Now through December 15, get 25% off all new products from Lama Foundation Cottage Industries, including new t-shirts, wall hangings and prayer flags. Check out our new t-shirt designs including The Butterfly, from the pages of Be Here Now and Ram Sun Shirts. Our wall hangings are an elegant way to display some of our most popular prayer flags. New designs including the Lion of Judah, Ganesha, and The Greatest Name.


Lama Foundation helps support itself by creating products that carry messages of peace, awakening and community. Our primary product is our interfaith prayer flags.  Starting in 1970, Lama has been printing flags continuously for over forty-five years. Also known as “Flag Mountain Cottage Industries,” named after Flag Mountain, a 12,000-foot peak that sits just north of the Foundation and provides a stunning reminder of nature’s power and elegance.

We believe in right livelihood, and care that our work not only benefits the Lama Foundation, but all who are involved.  We strive to have our work not create harm to anyone, from our suppliers, on site workers, our customers, and our mother earth.  Work is done by Lama residents and stewards in the spirit of “seva” (selfless service) and all proceeds benefit the Foundation.  We work to create these sacred objects and to put our prayers and intentions in them, and to send the blessings of this mountain out into the world.  We hope that our products confer our blessings and serve as reminders of the sacred.


Green screen printing:
All our products are created on-site in our newly completed cottage industries studio.  We use an environmentally-friendly, water-based screen-printing process to create our flags. Our strawbale facility is 100% Solar Powered with passive and active solar heating that maintains a comfortable temperature inside our facility year-round. No fossil fuels. Our water comes from our mountain spring; we use it to rinse out our biodegradable inks, and we use soy and citrus based screen-printing chemicals so that the water returns to the earth uncontaminated.


Mindful screen printing:
We strive to create our products with intention and awareness.  Working together, many hands touch each flag, from tearing the material from whole cloth, to printing, to folding and labeling.  Each print, as sacred symbols are dyed into the cloth, is like a repetition of a mantra.  Stewards and residents are encouraged to use the process as a spiritual practice, repeating prayers or mantras with each flag.