Spiritual Space in a Corporate Landscape

With Mira Betz, Greg Honey, Heather Hurford, & Thomas Renault

July 20-23

A portion of your registration will benefit Lama Foundation’s Teen Mindfulness Retreat

How do we bring spiritual presence and practice into the tense and fast-paced information age? How do we balance self with endless work? Is there a place for compassion and courageous authenticity in professional settings?

We invite you to unplug and unwind into the stunning surroundings on Lama Mountain this July. The community follows a simple and ancient pattern of daily life that helps the heart, head, and body engage and restore. With facilitation, we will move through cycles of concepts and experiences, tools and integration time. All pointed to freeing up each person’s spiritual space so you can return to your professional landscape without sacrificing this precious capacity. Indeed, it can become the essential growth component in your life and work.

Special guest teachers will join throughout the retreat like Mirabai Starr, Zuleikha and others to be announced. 

Travel to and accommodations at our remote location is part of the adventure! Our team is ready to support your unique circumstances to ensure your safe arrival and comfortable stay on the exquisite, rustic grounds of Lama Foundation. Limited indoor lodging is available in both private and shared spaces for an additional cost, more details below. For information on travel to Lama, including nearest airports, please visit our Directions page. We can work together to craft a travel plan that works for you.

Over 4 days, professional coaches will be available to support each individual through their process. Beforehand, participants will receive preparation guidance which should take no more than 30 minutes. 3 coaching sessions are available for up to 3 months afterwards to further support integration of tools and practices.


Additional Information

** Weather in New Mexico in July can be dynamic, including rain and a wide range of temps; Lows 55 F – Highs 80 F.

** All rooms are offered on a first come, first served basis. Limited availability for solo or indoor accommodations.

** If you register at shared room occupancy rates and are attending the retreat by yourself, we will match roommates for you. If you have a roommate request, we will do our best to put you together. Please have both parties make a note in the registration form.

** Lama water is fed from a natural spring which is limited. Bathrooms are immaculately cared for outhouses and compost toilets with ample hand washing stations. Visitors to the land are asked to take one shower per week and use the biodegradable soap products made available throughout the facility. 

Please visit Prepare for your stay for more information.

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Mira Betz has been touring as a world-renowned performer and teacher for over 25 years. Her work centers around creativity, self-expression and transformation through applied neuroscience and movement. She draws from her extensive background in theater, dance, 2D and 3D art, principles of neuroplasticity, and an upbringing in Sufism to create an atmosphere of vulnerability, curiosity, and joy. Mira has been facilitating retreats and mentoring marginalized women of diverse backgrounds for 15 years. She specializes in creating a safe space to explore self-expression and risk-taking as a way towards the deepening of spirit.


Greg Honey
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer – Farm Credit Canada

A healthy organizational culture and exceptional leadership is the heart of a productive workforce and delighted customers. Greg leads the HR team that ensures the culture thrives at FCC, and is passionate about creating workplace dynamics where employees love working; leaders grow, and, as a result, customers are thrilled, passionate and loyal. FCC has been awarded the “Best Employer in Canada” status for the majority of his tenure at FCC.

With over 30 years of human resources experience and 25 years of leadership experience, Greg started at FCC in 2000. Today, he oversees human resources, facilities and administration for the FCC team of more than 2,400 employees and approximately 100 offices across Canada.
Greg believes in giving back to his profession and community. He has been a board member and chair of CPHR Saskatchewan; has been on the Regina and Saskatchewan boards of Habitat for Humanity; and is on the board of Growing Young Movers in Regina.

Greg is a Certified Hudson Institute Coach; is certified in a number of other tools; and he regularly uses the Leadership Circle and Leadership System certifications. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Regina, and is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR).

Heather Hurford is an advocate for diverse and inclusive workplaces where people have equal access to opportunities and can feel a sense of belonging. Her rich and complex experience across tech companies large and small drove the vision behind this retreat. As a regular retreatant at Lama Foundation, Heather feels passionately about the awareness and growth that is supported by disconnecting from daily habits and dynamics in order to spend time in nature, community and contemplation. It is her hope that the seeds planted during this retreat can foster compassion and psychological safety at work.

Thomas Renault
My first brief visit to Lama in 1990 radically altered my trajectory. I returned to a job I had ‘for life’ (if I wanted) and quit. My inner purpose took the lead and business became a place where spirituality, heart and head could all work together. By 1995 I was doing daily mediations for MetroCourt in Albuquerque, NM. The week I completed my masters in Organizational Development I was contacted by a consultancy that created powerful leadership cultures in multinational organizations. They needed a French speaker with skills they could further develop. I jumped at the opportunity and began a life of airports and corporations filled with people wanting to make a difference and thirsty for their deeper selves. We learned how together.

The primary industries served are technology, finance, insurance and international supply distribution – using spiritual practices woven into coaching and leadership development. I continue to learn with Lama, rely mostly on my bicycle for getting about, and when possible, paint and write.