Silence is the space
into which
God has been poured.
–Hermitage Journal, 1998

Since its early days, personal retreats have been one of the cornerstones of the Lama Foundation. Time apart from community life for deep listening, reflection and spiritual practice has given sustenance and form to the sacred charge with which the Foundation has been entrusted and has profoundly shaped resident and visitor experience.

The hermitages exist in the pause between the in-breath and the out-breath. They are our transport to other dimensions; to our deeper and truer selves; the loving containers that embrace us as we step from our ordinary lives into sacred silence and solitude with the prayerful support of the community.

Whether we come to do a specific practice under the guidance of a teacher or simply to remove another layer from the Everyday, it is here that we reconnect with Spirit and the natural world and re-create the rhythms that support and feed us.

The Mountain houses two unique hermitage retreat spaces, the Maqbara & the Bear.