Turning and Turning

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  • Cost: 20.00 Suggested Donation
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This event has been canceled.

With Postneshin Mariam Baker and Dervishes
Cost: $20 suggested donation (No one turned away for lack of funds — Ya Shakur!)

Join us for this one-day intensive focus on the practice of The Turn, the great whirling dance of the Mevlevi Sufis. Socks and or turning/dance shoes are recommended. Please wear a long skirt or practice tenure. Instruction and support will also be offered if you want to turn in place or whilst sitting in a chair. The day’s events will conclude with an evening zikr, the sufi practice of remembrance. For the evening zikr please wear garments for celebration and remembrance of peace.

“Don’t try to see through the distance. That’s not for you and I. Move within, but don’t move in fear. A secret turning in us makes the universe turn. Let the beauty of what you love be what you dare! 
Everywhere you turn is the face of the Beloved.” – Rumi

“If you are quiet and in a state of prayer when you Turn, offering everything of yourself to God, then when your body is spinning there is a completely still place in the center… We do not Turn for ourselves. We turn around the way we do so that the Light of God may descend upon the earth. As you act as a conduit in the Turn, the Light comes through the right hand and the left hand bring s it into this world. We turn for God and for the world, and it is the most beautiful thing you can imagine.” – Suleyman Hayati Dede