The Full Deployment Process©

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With Thomas Renault, Peder Loberg, & David Roemmele, Ph.D.
Cost: $925 (includes materials and support sessions afterwards)

The Full Deployment Process© is a workshop geared toward helping business and life coaches expand, build self-awareness, and gain flexibility with their approach to helping others.

Business or Life Coaching requires continuous self-development through experience, to remain effective. The best coaches are actively involved in their own development while coaching others. What development do you need to move up to the next level? How will that level feed your heart and soul? The best coaches are able to elicit all aspects of their mind, heart and spirit in any given moment to be of best service. Our process helps to identify where we are stuck in our being so we can get unstuck and serve better.

Using the Full Deployment Process©, you will explore the next level for yourself, confront what’s the obstacles that hold you back, and develop a clear path of action. We will do this through both group work and one-on-one individual sessions. Lama Mountain is a powerful container for this work.

The approach for the 4-day session will be a mixture of: context, modeling, practicing, refining, and one-on-one coaching with one of the facilitators.

At the conclusion, participants will be able to:

  • Identify their own blocks and have methods for shifting them so they can move forward.
  • Have models, methods and approaches for supporting yourself as well as others in gaining momentum with personal changes.
  • Use resources provided to enhance your own skills as well as in support of coaching others.
  • Create a clear path with actions for yourself to get to the next level important to you.

After the program, each person will have a facilitator available to help them forward their action plan with 3 thirty-minute sessions over a 3-month period using phone or video link.


photo of Petr LobergPeder Loberg  : Intuitive, insightful and skilled in transforming a person’s perceived limitations to possibility. His abilities inspire reflection and action with clients. Peder distills complex information into direct actionable statements – a rare discernment ability. He brings a strong history from northern Canada gas and oil processing with an appreciation for on-the-ground industrial employees and their challenging environments.

photo of David RoemmeleDavid Roemmele, Ph.D.  : Focused on developing and supporting individuals and teams to create innovative contributions to society and be profitable. He is a coach, mediator, business developer as well as a yoga instructor. He lives in Vancouver BC.

photo of Thomas RenaultThomas Renault : For over 28 years Thomas has been at the forefront of change in the field of mediation, coaching and organizational development. His ability to create immediate rapport and useful observations with clients and Lama groups (since 1996) helped launch him from a local service to an international consultant. His style is informal, warm, humorous and his commitment to each individual is without compromise. His methodology is considered “transformative.”