Teen Mindfulness 2019

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  • Location: Lama Foundation
  • Cost: $400.00
  • Deposit: $200

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Scholarships are available, email us at gweeks1@mac.com for more information.

Mindfulness practice is a life skill, one that benefits us at any age. For teens especially, this form of compassion to oneself and the world around us can make all the difference in a typically challenging stage of development.

Mindfulness and meditation relieves anxiety, provides clarity and perspective, gives us a sense of confidence in ourselves, and improves our sense of empathy for others. It is a skill that requires practice to develop, however it takes no special ability.

This is our third annual retreat for teens, dedicated to developing basic mindfulness techniques through exercises that focus on our whole being.

Activities include (but are not limited to) seated and moving meditation, hiking, yoga, tai chi, interactive practices, communication development, and creative processes. We will enjoy evening camp fires, daily community service (seva), time for socializing, and time to rest.


  • Kimberly and Jose Maresma
  • Greg Weeks
  • Julie Tato