Sustainable Community and Stewardship Alliance : 2019 Internship

Cabbage harvested from the garden

Event Details

  • Date:
  • Location: Lama Foundation
  • What skills do you have that may be relevant?
    What experiences have you had that made you interested in sustainability?
    What are your learning goals for the internship?
    Describe your current living situation, background, what you are doing now, and where you are headed in your life.
    What is your experience with living in community?
    What is your experience with primitive living or camping?
    How do you see the relationship between community and sustainability?
    What is important for you in a living situation?
    Please share any emotional or mental health issues or habits that may prevent you from prioritizing community harmony.
    Please add any other experiences, ideas, or dreams you wish to share.
    We'd also like two references. Please include a work supervisor, teacher, or mentor, and someone you have shared housing with who is not family or a partner.

    Reference One

    Reference Two

    Someone you have shared housing with who is not family or a partner.

May 21 to July 3 2019

Cost: $1500 due upon acceptance

Grow sustainable communities with us! Join in learning how to build communities that can apply sustainable systems and work through problems to solutions. The internship begins with two weeks at Ampersand Sustainable Learning Center, then moves to Lama Foundation for the duration of the program.

For more information, please visit the Ampersand website.