Contemplative Environmentalism

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Cost: $1085 (includes everything)/$890 (student)
Need-based scholarships available

These are challenging times. So much of the world seems to be spiraling out of control. Climate change, biodiversity loss, and environmental injustice are intensifying and tearing at the social and ecological fabric that sustains life.

Contemplative Environmentalism is a 6-day workshop/retreat that explores how we can cultivate insight, courage, and sensitivity to navigate escalating environmental dangers. It focuses on the interface between our inner lives and planetary realities, and offers tools for teaching, mobilizing, and living on behalf of a sustainable future.

Set in the mountains of New Mexico, Contemplative Environmentalism uses meditation, writing, yoga, immersion in nature, and other contemplative practices to infuse our environmental work with greater self-awareness and compassionate commitment. It helps us reset priorities, become ethically more alive, and live with greater purpose and personal and professional efficacy. Aimed specifically at educators and activists, the workshop provides techniques for bringing contemplative practices into the classroom and political settings so that our teaching and activism can be worthy of this environmental moment.

The workshop will take place at the Lama Foundation, an off-grid retreat center that draws its power from the sun, water from a spring, and much of its food from its organic gardens. Surrounded by the Carson National Forest, Lama is an ideal place to integrate our deepest spiritual yearnings with our professional and personal environmental commitments. No prior experience in meditation or other contemplative practices is necessary.


  • Paul Wapner, Professor of Global Environmental Politics, American University
  • Lena Fletcher, Professor of Environmental Conservation, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Therese Jornlin, Meditation and Qi Gong Instructor and Therapist


  • American University’s Global Environmental Politics Program
  • Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education
  • Consciousness Explorers Club,
  • iBme
  • RE-volv
  • EarthLoveGo.

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