A Pilgrimage to Murshid Sam with the Dervish Healing Order

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picture of Murshid Sam
Murshid Sam giving Darshan to Hakim Saul at Lama, summer 1970

This past January 15th marks 47 years since Murshid Sam 'danced' away from his earthly body. In his honor, we are announcing a 'Pilgrimage of Thankfulness' to celebrate his life-long dedication, and work for The Sufi Message.

Amidst the troubling times we are experiencing, it is helpful to remind ourselves that we are not the first to dwell in times of sorrow.

Murshid Sam had many opportunities to just lay back and let the world move onward. But he never did. He continued his inner and outer work until his passing. Inspired, and directed by The Sufi Message of Spiritual Liberty.As he once remarked: “I am the proof of the Teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan.”

Come join with us on Lama Mountain, as we follow in his footsteps. Ya Murshid!

Teachers are: Murshid Saul Baradofsky and senior teachers of the Dervish Healing Order

For more information, please visit www.dervish-healing-order.org