Donate to Lama Foundation

A young girl holding a baby
Clarity holding her little sister, Adena

Thank you for making a donation to Lama Foundation! Your generosity supports the Lama community in exploring and uplifting its values of conscious communication, sustainability, and respect for all traditions- on the mountain and in the world.

If you wish, you may indicate where you would like your contribution to be utilized. All donations not earmarked for a specific project will be held in general/unrestricted donations, which provide the basics, such as food, heat, maintenance of land, equipment, and vehicles, and the many other expenses necessary for daily operations. These also support free public events, such as Shabbat, Zikr, Visitor’s Days, and other special events. You may also donate to a specific project: Guest Housing and Amenities; Rebuilding on the site of the old kitchen; or other causes that speak to your heart.


We appreciate every contribution, large or small, and hope that you will find the time to visit the Foundation and enjoy the fruits of your generosity.

Lama Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.