Dargah – Home Stretch

While the Lama oaks burst into fresh green, the final stretch of the Dargah construction has begun.  We substantially completed the construction in 2017, thanks to the hard work of many work-crews.  

Project Manager Malik Braun is back on-site. The remaining work includes: grouting the stone floor, stone benches and stone columns; Anasazi-style stacked stone-facade work; bronze stairway banisters; and the drain system installation. 

The stone mason crew — led by Beau Gano (center) with Neil Martinez (left) and David Krout (right) — is working hard, continuing their superb work on the intricate and demanding floor, as well as the stone-facade finish. Once these finish-work projects are completed, Jai Cross will oversee the remediation of the construction-access road.

We eagerly anticipate some wonderful events at the Dargah this summer, especially the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Murshid Sam’s Dances of Universal Peace, the return of the Dervish Healing Order, and All Wisdom’s Children, with Murshid Saadi.